What is the cost of a website?

The cost of a website: as complex as the assembly itself

“How much does a website cost?”; it has to be the most frequently asked question in our industry. It is also one of the few questions that has not a ready-made answer. Talking about the cost price of ‘a website’ is impossible. Think of it like buying a car.

Dozens of factors and preferences determine how much you will ultimately spend, such as: size, speed, ease of use, comfort, options… all crucial aspects that determine the price if you want to have a website made. Your car dealer won’t be able to reveal to you just how much ‘a car’ costs, just like your web designer must not give you that ready-made answer until everything has been clarified.

Your website priority list

Before we determine the price of your website, it is important that we know what kind of site you need.

Just like a car, a website, especially for professional purposes, is a business card. It’s also where you welcome by far the majority of your prospects . So it’s best to work thoughtfully. What questions should you ask yourself? Let’s continue the comparison with a car:

  • What order of magnitude do you need?
  • What kind of hardware and software should be ‘under the hood’? Is speed extra important?
  • How do you want to dress up your website? Smooth, sporty, exclusive, business…?
  • Do you want to finetune it yourself ? Or will your website remain unchanged for a long time?
  • Which options should not be missing? Webshop, Social media integration, interaction with visitors…?
  • How much do you want/can you spend?

The cost of a website dissected

Our experienced web developers guarantee your effective tailor-made website. We would like to clarify the most important price-determining elements that answer the question: “ How much does a website cost?

  • ‘Under the hood’: what kind of web hosting do you need? Which server and/or cloud-based solution meets your objective? Kwitelle selects the most efficient choice for (and with) you, taking into account your budget.
  • CMS: the ‘chassis’ of your website. The choice of Content Management Systems is wide: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, … . During an in-depth, but extremely smooth introductory round, we help you select your perfect frame. After all, each option has a different financial consequence.
  • and decoration: visual style ( web design ), ‘tone of voice’ and SEO are decisive for responsiveness and optimal conversion. With the right copywriting, you touch exactly the strings that prompt your target group to take the action you have in mind. We fit all this into a visual framework that appeals and invites you to read further. How far do we go in this? your call…
  • Options: are some options indispensable to achieve your goals? At Kwitelle we provide your website with all possible extras: webshop, social media integration, … . You can come to us for a basic model, a full option and everything in between.
  • The size/size: it makes sense that more pages, content and depth will affect the price. After all, a Skoda also costs less than a BMW.

We assure you of one thing: at Kwitelle we tailor-make your website completely. Every website is therefore a real exclusive.

Let’s do this.

Every big idea starts with a small step forward.