Webinar — Transform with Daikin.

Main logo for Daikin webinar
Built by Kwitelle

Creating a stunning webinar experience.

Due to the worldwide pandemic the international HVAC event ISH went fully digitally for the first time in 2021, and was mostly based on webinars.

I know, the personal encounter is indispensable, but digital encounters are now part of the new normal. In a webinar, one host and/or participants will share their screen to present on a particular topic, to a group of attendees. There for it is quite a challenge to keep “visitors” engaged during an online seminar. In the best case scenario, as with Daikin, viewers can also ask questions, take polls, and chat.

An engaging online event.

Kwitelle created a fresh new look & feel for Daikin’s video intro’s & bumpers, logo animations, email signatures, digital invitations and of course the PowerPoint presentations.


  • Video bumpers
  • Logo animation
  • Powerpoint templates
  • Email signature
  • Invitation
  • Press release
  • Backdrops
Webinar main visual
Webinar animated logo
Webinar invitation
Webinar email signature