Sprouting new customers online — webshop

Dancal Elektro is an exclusive distributor of Severin in Belgium. Already delivering the best possible service for its B2B clients, Dancal Elektro wanted to improve his customers services even more with an online e-commerce platform for ordering spare parts easily and quickly.

But first things first…

Sketching the logo

With a shiny new website comes a shiny new logo.

After a detailed briefing session with the client, discussing his needs and desires, Kwitelle went back to the drawing board to sketch up some logo’s. From there we select the 3 best idea’s and present these possible logo’s in black & white to the client.

We choose black & white logo versions because it shows the logo in its purest form. This allows you to see if it is well balanced and visually “strong” enough. In a later phase we start adding colours.

The colours red and blue where kept to reflect Severin’s look and feel. Honouring this Severin style we also looked for a font that complemented the deutsche Gründlichkeit and at the same time gave the new Dancal Elektro logo a fresh look.

Finding the right symbol.

Finding the symbol

The name electro covers a wide variety of products these days, but most of the time they have one thing in come, the on/off switch. So we looked for a strong and recognisable symbol to represent this and there it was. The new Dancal Elektro logo, combining the typography, the colours and the symbol.

And now for the new shiny webshop

Building a webshop from the ground up used to be a tedious work, but with WooCommerce this becomes much more accessible for smaller companies. WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin that was developed by Automattic. It is bundled with all the basic store features, but if you are not satisfied with what is in the box, a large array of extensions are available, both free and paid. The add-ons offer functionality ranging from social network integration to different payment gateways.

Kwitelle choose to combine this e-commerce platform with the most used CMS platform worldwide, WordPress. This way the client has total control of his own website, the products and the content, including an easy to use billing and invoicing tool.


More happy clients and an even better customer service for Dancal Elektro.