De lancering van Wij(s)eten…

Met enig trots stellen we ons nieuw project voor. Wij(s)eten!

De bedoeling is om mensen samen rond de tafel te brengen, om een omgeving te creëren waar we open kunnen praten over vooraf bepaalde thema’s.

Samen eten, schept een band. Het laat toe om even tijd te nemen, tot rust te komen, te zitten en om naar mekaar te luisteren.


Annual report

EuroHealthNet is a not for profit network of organisations, agencies and statutory bodies working to promote health and equity by addressing the factors that determine health directly or indirectly.
Since 2007 Kwitelle works closely with EuroHealthNet on developing project identities, logo’s, presentations, websites and annual reports.

Direct e-mailing Kapaza!

Kwitelled designed an e-mailing template for one of the biggest e-commerce mailing lists in Belgium. Kapaza! sends out this e-mail to 1.400.000 subscribers.

Kwitelle goes bananas!

Kwitelle teams up with Forte Communications, a B2B-communicationservices for technology, engineering, industry, environment, energy… and goes bananas!

Visit the brand new Forte Communications site, designed by Kwitelle and find the banana.





Build a course as easy as 1,2,3

Online lessons made easy
  1. Use text, timeline, image, movie & maps on virtual cards.
  2. Put the cards in the right order.
Give feedback to your students
  1. Drag-and-drop questions anywhere in your manual.
  2. Provide personal feedback per student, per answer.
Earn the appreciation of your students
  • Offer a trial course for free.
  • Get paid when you provide personal guidance.


Solo My Open Kitchen


My Open Kitchen is a site where you find, post an share recipes. With your personal profile you  create your own cookbook online.
Kwitelle created the base graphics for the Solo Open kitchen site and deliverd the PSDs for further developement.

Commissioned by NBBDO

Visit the site

Shiatshu Dojo website


Shiatsu Dojo - website

SHIATSU is used as a preventive treatment in healthy people and will help remedy the underlying causes in case of health problems. Shiatsu can help with a variety of ailments such as stress, insomnia, fatigue, headache, backache, neck and shoulder complaints, muscle and joint aches, respiratory problems, digestive problems, hormonal problems, circulation problems,… This list is far from complete.

a gift for your mind, body and soul.

Visit the website

Health-Gradient website

Tackling the Gradient

Applying Public Health Policies to Effectively Reduce Health Inequalities amongst Families and Children.

Health inequalities are currently regarded as one of the most important public health challenges in the EU. However, we do not have sufficient knowledge of which actions are effective to level up the gradient in health inequalities. GRADIENT (April 2009 – 2012) aims to address this knowledge gap, to ensure that political momentum is maintained and that operational strategies can be developed to make progress on this issue. The focus of the research project will be on families and children, since the greatest impact on reducing the health gradient can be achieved through early life policy interventions and by creating equal opportunities during childhood and adolescence.

Project closed